Launch Party at Westminster Reference Library
Amazing launch party at Westminster Reference Library, just behind the National Gallery, for "Pictures at Play" SCBWI Biennial Exhibition!

I am so happy I have been selected and honoured to have taken part! 32 amazing illustrators have been chosen by judges from Walker Books and Egmont and guest author/illustrator James Mayhew.

The exhibition will be open till January 4th 2020.
Book Cover
The Girl Who Said NO! - for MATS Illustrating Children's Book
Greta and the wolves
Working on the environment for MATS Illustrating Children's Book
Character design
Working with poses and limited palette
Greta - from "greta and the wolves"
"These are not tears of sadness. They are tears of anger. The wolves destroyed our precious forest and I am not going to sit and stare at their mischievous destruction. I might be little but I can make a difference!" Greta. This is my "Greta" for MATS Illustrating Children's Book
Character Design - Greta
Wolves go green! Determination and perseverance always pay off! (MATS Illustrating Children's Book)
Character Design
Woking on Emotions
Pencil sketches - Character Design
In the making