Miss Lily's Wobbilty Bobbilty House

I am so excited to announce that "Miss Lily's Wobbilty Bobbilty House" amazingly written by award-winning children's book author Jennifer Chushcoff and illustrated by me is now available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon!!

Miss Lily loves rescuing cats and collecting treasures, unfortunately her heart is bigger than her home. She can’t keep up and the house is about to burst! Can there really be too much of a good thing? Miss Lily’s Wobbilty Bobbilty House can’t contain all her love, but the world can.

A heart-warming, funny story about what happens when collecting gets out of control and how the best “things” in life aren’t things ❤️
You can order it from Barnes and Noble https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/miss-lilys-wobbilty-bobbilty-house-jennifer-preston-chushcoff/1141412063

You can also order it from Amazon (amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, .fr, .de, .it .es,...)!

Or you can order directly from the author and receive a signed copy https://www.byjenn.com

Proceeds from sales will benefit local animal rescues and shelters!

Click below to see who's currently available for adoption or to donate directly to these worthy non-profits dedicated to the protection, care, rescue and adoption of animals.

- CHEW Dog Rescue: https://chewdogrescue.org/index.php/contact
- Old Dog Haven - https://olddoghaven.org
- PACK (People for Animal Care and Kindness) - https://www.packgives.org
Miss Lily's Wobbilty Bobbilty House is available in hardcovers and paperback covers!
Miss Lily's bulging home :D
Miss Lily on her speedy sidecar going on a mission to rescue abandoned cats and kittens!
Oh no, Miss Lily's couldn't resist the Christmas clearance...
There's nothing better that sharing with others the things we love!
Cover reveal!! :D