Coral reefs bleaching

Coral reefs in danger - Poster
This is my "Coral reefs in danger" poster for Editartz PLANET POSTERS project.

Sadly coral reefs are in danger because of pollution, overfishing and the rising temperature of the ocean and its acidification.

They are currently "bleaching". This means that when the sea water is too warm, corals expel a special algae that lives in their tissues causing the coral to turn white. When the bleaching happens it doesn't mean that corals are dead. They can survive but they become very weak and can easily die.

Coral reefs are not just amazingly beautiful, they are also incredibly important. Millions of people worldwide depend on reefs for food, jobs and coastal defence. Coral reefs support 1/4 of all marine life, they protect people that live on the coast, (for example from tsunamis), they also protect mangrove forests and seagrass beds - that act as nurseries for marine animals.

It is important to know what's happening to coral reefs and help protect them.