Wabi sabi

Editorial Illustration for MATS
I truly hope I managed with my illustration to capture the essence of "wabi sabi" and, hopefully, doing so, to visually accompany the beautiful article by Beth Kempton "Wabi sabi: The Japanese philosophy that will help you embrace change and accept the past" "Wabi sabi teaches us to accept that the past was then, and it was what it was. This is now, and it is what it is. Your life is happening right here, and every day is the beginning of the rest of it." (from Beth's book "Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life").

I hope, like my Japanese old lady, to have the privilege to look at myself in the mirror and smile at my wrinkles and grey hair and look at the past as something to treasure, to learn from, as something that can give me new energy to live the present in full.

Assignment for MATSBootcamp2019