Sarah the Spectacular Squirrel

Picture Book launch!
I am so excited to announce that "Sarah The Spectacular Squirrel", beautifully written by Rory Ffoulkes and illustrated by me, is now available on Amazon: ☺️

I'm so looking forward to hearing from you - you can't imagine how precious your feedback and reviews will be for us!❤️ Thank you!! 🤗
Can you help me find Sarah?! :-)
Look who I've found!! ...Actually it's not Sarah, the squirrel told me she's Sarah's cousin.

Sarah is a cheeky reddish squirrel, fluffy tail and pointy ears, and she goes crazy for nuts obviously!

This summer Sarah is travelling around the world - lucky her, squirrels don't have to quarantine!

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Sarah can be spotted in parks as well as in kids' bedrooms - especially in bookcases, toy boxes and, most recently they told me, also in kids' drawings!!! I am so looking forward to seeing her! ️🐿
Nuts are mine!
Sarah the Spectacular Squirrel has a dazzling talent for collecting nuts

But… Sarah’s a bit of a show-off. And she’s greedy. And she doesn’t like to share!

So, who can stop Sarah from taking all the nuts in the forest and leaving the other woodland creatures hungry?!

"Sarah the Spectacular Squirrel" written by Rory Ffoulkes and illustrated by Irene Silvino.
Sarah teaching in the woodland
It's a summer night in the woodland, the moon is up in the sky, stars and fireflies illuminate the forest, can you hear the crickets too? 😄

When I drew this scene I thought about my summers in Italy. When it starts to get dark there, and you are in the pine forest near the sea, you see the fireflies dancing among the scented trees and it is so funny to listen to the noisy concert crickets and cicadas arrange each time. Such sweet memories! ☺️
Sarah's joyfulness
That's the joyfulness you experience when you realise that there is nothing better than sharing (...nuts!😁😄😅🥜🌰🐿).

Sharing your time, sharing your expertise, sharing the things you love, make you jump and jiggle and spin around 🌞